Financial planning is a process . . . a matter of communicating; one person to another . . . sharing one's goals and objectives with someone that cares about you, with someone that knows current tax laws and planning strategies that will take you, your family and your business on a successful journey; fulfilling your life's work and dreams.

Business Succession Planning

All closely held businesses face the possibility of an owner dying, retirement or becoming disabled. A business owner’s death or disability can create major problems.


Some creative business planning can easily bring some tax advantaged solutions to your future financial security.

Estate Planning 


Estate tax planning is very important to preserving your wealth for future generations. Knowing your potential estate tax liability is a great place to start your estate tax plan.


Planning for the distribution of assets at your death should consider the needs of your beneficiaries; their ability to manage assets; if holding assets in trust for their well being could be prudent are often key questions.

Strategic Life Coaching


Do you think that "making a living / accumulating wealth" is the end all?

. . . probably not.


The balancing act of being the breadwinner, employer, spouse, father/mother together with the presures of life often take their toll on "Living" and acheiving a fullfilled and meaningful life.